How to Apply

The Trustees do not ask you to fill in an application form. They want you to express your enthusiasm for the project or cause for which you need their support.

They do need some detailed information about your organisation to help them ensure that they can support you.

The checklist should help you to make an application. Please make sure that you respond to all the points on the list.

The Trustees will NOT look at or keep any applications for or on behalf of an individual.

The Trustees can only support work within 25 miles of the centre of Coventry.

What you need to tell us

About your charity:

Tell us about the background to your organisation (to include your objectives, where you operate, your management structure).

Give a summary of your present activities (to include a description of who it is that you help, how many, and how old they are.)

What support you need: 

Tell us clearly what it is that you need money for. What difference will the work that you want to do, or are doing already but need more support, make?

Who will it help? How will they be helped? How many people will be helped? How old are they? How will you measure your success? The more you can tell the Trustees, the easier it is for them to understand why you need support.

How much it will cost:

 We need to know the total amount you need and how much of that you are asking this charity to give.

Show how the money will be spent. It may be that the simplest way is to show how you have budgeted.

What our support will do:

How successful have you been raising the money you need? Tell us how much has been raised so far and where that money has come from.

Have you had money promised to you? How much has been promised and by whom?

 What other applications have you made that are yet to be decided (with decision dates, if known)?

If there remains a balance, how do you intend to raise it and what are your target dates?

Things we need to see:

  • Your most recent annual accounts
  • Your last annual report
  • Your Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety Policies
  • If your work is with children, young or vulnerable people: your policy and procedures that ensure their protection.

If these are available on-line please just send a link: do not send paper where you do not have to.

If you feel that you need help in making an application please contact your local Council for Voluntary Service.

Applications can be made either via the online form below or you can post to

The Clerk

The Higgs Charity
The Ricoh Arena
Phoenix Way

The Trustees meet regularly through the year. They receive a large number of applications for support and do not respond unless they have decided to give support.

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