Terms and

This page contains the conditions governing the grant to be made by the Alan Edward Higgs Charity (“we”) to (“you”).
Please arrange for the conditions accepted by your organisation as soon as possible, this should be done by the Chair or Treasurer.

1. Purpose of grant

The grant is made only for the purposes set out in your grant application summarised above in the Grant Offer section of this document. You must request the Charity’s permission before implementing any variations.

The Charity’s support will be based on the application received from you and limited to this.


2. Payment arrangements

If your grant lasts for more than one year, payments in subsequent years will be dependent upon receipt of progress reports which are satisfactory to the Trustees.

Organisations will be expected to repay grants if they are found to have acted fraudulently or negligently or are dissolved, wound-up, (under the Insolvency Act 1986 or the Charities Act 2011), disbanded, are put into insolvent liquidation, or if the Commissioners use their powers to establish a Scheme for the administration of a charity (section 69, Charities Act 2011) or otherwise cease to operate. Any decision to claim back the grant or any part of the grant shall be at the sole discretion of the Charity.

Grants are also repayable if the ‘Expression of Interest’ was completed fraudulently.


3. Progress reports

The Charity expects you to provide regular progress reports by email and a final report on the impact of your grant.

You will be expected to relate your progress and final report to the impact outcomes/benefits that you listed in your original grant application.

Schedule One sets out the reporting requirements for all Alan Edward Higgs Charity grants.


4. Presentations, publications and publicity

The Charity expects you to acknowledge its support as appropriate and will supply a logo for this purpose if requested. Organisations receiving large grants over £25,000 are asked to acknowledge our support in their Annual Report.

You must make sure that we have approved any press statements associated totally or partly with the project we have funded before they are released. You must co-operate with us on publicity initiatives concerning the granting of an award and wherever appropriate, we will expect you to acknowledge our funding support.

Please be aware that we may put details of the projects we fund on our website and/or social media.

5. Obligation to advise material changes

You are responsible for monitoring your use of our funds. You must tell us immediately if you plan to change the purpose of your project and about any relevant factors that materially affect your project or its progress, as and when they arise.

The Charity reserves the right to claim back any grant or part of a grant which has not been used for the purposes agreed. Organisations must inform the Charity of any under spend in a grant and any decision to claim back the grant or any part of a grant shall be at the sole discretion of the Charity.


6. Keeping records

We assume that you will keep proper and up-to-date records and accounts that show how the grant is being used. The financial records should be available to the Charity for inspection at reasonable notice if requested.


7. Compliance

In carrying out your project you must make sure that you comply with all relevant laws, regulations, codes of practice and guidelines including, among others, those relating to
Health and safety
Data protection
Keeping information confidential

8. Indemnity

You must maintain appropriate insurance policies covering professional, public and employer’s liability risks, and give us evidence of those insurance policies if we ask.


9. Events beyond your control

If there is a considerable delay between the offer of a grant and its take-up, you will be required to supply up-to-date financial information. If you are prevented from carrying out or finishing your project for any reason beyond your reasonable control, we will not treat this as a breach of any agreement. However, where such circumstances prevent or delay you from carrying out your project for up to six months, either you or we can end the grant arrangements.


10. Cancelling the grant

We are entitled to end the grant arrangements immediately, cancel any future grant payments and recover any grant payments we have already made if we decide that the project is not progressing to our reasonable satisfaction.

In any case, if you do not take up a grant within 12 months of this agreement, we will withdraw it.

11. Communications

All communications between us and you shall be in (or confirmed in) writing and will include the reference number which appears on the front of this grant confirmation letter.  “Writing” to include fax and all forms of electronic communication.


12. Law

These arrangements are governed by English law.


Schedule On Grant Reporting Requirements 

All grants are subject to the timely receipt of progress reports and a detailed final report on the impact made by the grant.


All grants

A final report is required within fourteen months of the final grant payment. The final report will refer back to the impact/outcomes that you listed in your original grant application and we expect you to explain the extent to which these were achieved. We will write to you approximately three months before the deadline for the final report with detailed information about what is required
from you.