The Alan Edward Higgs Charity was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of serving Trustee, Mark Franklin in April 2023. Serving Trustee and former Chair, and the former Clerk to the Trustees, pay tribute to a well-liked and respected colleague.

“Mark was a dear man. I clearly remember first meeting ‘OldSkyBlue58’ at Swan Lane Wharf. It was during ‘The Arena period’. A regular contributor to the fans’ forum, he meticulously analysed the financial and other propaganda from the club’s owners, exposing the disinformation being spread.

The Charity was suffering reputational damage; I recall the huge relief of finding someone who knew and cared for the truth, and whose voice reached the club’s fans as ours could not. I will always be grateful to him.

“He became a Charity Trustee in 2018. His contributions were always relevant and valuable, his manner thoughtful and modest. Had he lived he was to become Chair of the Charity during 2023.

“I miss Mark, and I know that his loss will always be felt by the Charity and its Trustees. One of Mark’s fellow trustees is also one of his closest friends, and through him we will preserve a link to a man we all liked and respected so much. My sincere sympathy goes out to all Mark’s family and friends.”

Marilyn Knatchbull-Hugessen
Former Chair of AEHC

“Mark was a rock through all the turbulent times that the Charity, the Football Club and the City went through. I benefited from the time spent talking things through on the phone. Some of the things that happened were so far outside our worlds, that only through talking and dissecting what was happening, to pull out the truth, were he and I able to see and then understand. We shared dismay at the behaviour of some of those involved. He was a thoroughly honest man and this was a great strength to all of us.

“As a Trustee his contribution to the Charity, as it worked through its review of its policies, and his place in the creation of the new strategy, was vital. His ability to join high principles to the down-to-earth will help take the Charity forward on its mission to deliver to its community. Through this he will continue to help the Coventrians he was proud to belong to.”

Peter Knatchbull-Hugessen
Former Clerk to the Trustees of AEHC